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Commercial Demo - Jeff Edelstein
Promo Demo - Jeff Edelstein
Animation Demo - Jeff Edelstein
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Need a fresh on-air promo voice? How about a cool character for a video game or animated series? Need to let Dads know about that amazing new driver for their golf bags? Or maybe you're looking for a kid friendly style that makes the hottest game, toy, or sugary deliciousness irresistible. (Sorry, Moms & Dads).

Jeff's all-purpose, reassuring voice reaches guys and gals, moms and dads, and 'tweens and teens.

Listen to Jeff's Promo Demo if you need a fresh promo voice.


Listen to Jeff's Animation Demo for some really cool characters.


Jeff is also an on-air promo producer. He understands the world from both sides of the microphone.


Jeff studied with renowned voice over coach and branding expert, Nancy Wolfson and is a graduate of her Braintracks Audio curriculum.








Contact Jeff:









Will Curtis

Talent Agent

Houghton Talent

Direct: 404-603-9454 x609




Graduate of Braintracks Audio, a voice over training curriculum taught by voice over and branding coach Nancy Wolfson. Click here to visit





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